Oscilloscope module 5556-A


The CJ500 Labscope tool is a full featured automotive 2 channel oscilloscope that works with the CJ500 platform to unfold great diagnostic capabilities. It allows the CJ500 scantool to capture high speed signals. The touch screen controls of the CJ500 make it very easy to use.

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Product Description

The Oscillosope module 5556-A allows the CJ500 scantool to capture high speed signals.

Use the Labscope module with CJ500 or as a PC Based tool.

The Injectronic  labscope 5556-A, puts high performance waveform capture in your PC or in the CJ500 diagnostic tool. It´s like having a labscope in stand-alone mode when used with the CJ500 or as a convenient PC Based tool.  With a sampling rate of 2,000,000 readings per second and two channels, hard to find glitches are captured with ease and without tedious set-ups. With the 5556-A, it is easy to set-up trigger, offsets, time rate, channel selection, cursors, screenshots capture, and more.  The kit contains BNC test leads, PC application, banana test leads, alligator clips, secondary test probe and soft case.



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– 2 Channels

– Maximum Sampling Rate 2 MS/seg
– Analog Bandwidth 200 KHz

– Input Voltage Span 10mV/div to 5V/div
+/-25Vp-p with 1X Probe
+/-250Vp-p with 10X Probe
– 2 Hardware Ranges
– Vertical Calibration

– Input A/D Resolution 11 bit
– Input Impedance 1Mohm||20pF
– Timebase Span 500ns/div to 20s/div
– Trigger Normal, Auto, Single Shot
– Trigger Polarity Rising and falling
– Trigger Level On-screen, cursor selectable
– Pre-Post Trigger Display
– On-screen, selectable
– Readouts Amplitude and timebase cursors
– Sample Memory 1K points/channel
– Display refresh rate 5 updates/second

View the following videos of the 5556 oscilloscope module for the CJ500 scantool.

5556 oscilloscope module operacion
Cursors and user interfase navigation

The 5556 labscope module is an optional device for the CJ500Scantool and is available now.

The 5556 module runs as a PC Based Oscilloscope using the included PC application

Includes USB cable

See video of future capabilities

5556 and PC

5556 module PC

– 5556 Oscilloscope module
– Red BNC test lead
– Yellow BNC test lead
– Reb banana test lead
– Yellow banana test lead
– Ground cable
– USB cable
– Secondary ignition test lead.
– Accupunture test lead (2)
– 25-9402 Battery adaptor
– High impact plastic case

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